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Structural Engineering

What we do?


  • Site Appraisals

  • Structural Reports

  • Pre-Acquisition Reports

  • Assessment of Existing Structures

Detailed Design

  • Foundation Engineering
    (Traditional, NHBC Chapter 4.2, Piled, Vibro,
    Reinforced Concrete Basements)

  • Super-structure Design
    (All traditional materials, System Built Solutions
    Engineered Roof and flooring Systems)

  • Refurbishment
    (Domestic Industrial, Retail and Listed Buildings)

Project Areas

  • Retail Developments

  • Leisure Developments

  • Office Buildings

  • Factories and Warehouses

  • Showroom Facilities

  • Bespoke Residential Properties

  • Mainstream Residential Properties

  • Residential Apartment Developments

Employer Representative

  • Auditing of Engineering Designs and Details

  • Procurement of Geo-technical Site Investigation

  • Procurement of Specialist Foundation Solutions

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